This Is What Great Sex Is

Published September 12, 2022 tag category
This Is What Great Sex Is

Tips for Females to Enhance Their Orgasms

Do you have problems reaching orgasm? Or, maybe just want to have better orgasms? Sure, we all do. But orgasms don’t just materialize by pushing a magic button (unless you know where that magic button is!). Read on to find your magic buttons and just how to push them wwwxxx these tips for women to enhance your orgasms.

3 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Sex Into Extraordinary Sex With Tantra!

Sex is fantastic. Aside from just feeling REALLY good, it’s also healthy for you physically, mentally and emotionally, i.e. boosting infection fighting cells by 20%, improving brain function, and increasing cell renewal. But let’s face it, even the best sex life can get somewhat boring and routine over time…

The End Of Regular Sex

You know, whenever a relationship ends you go through withdrawals. You miss the person and the good times you had. You also miss the sex.

How Tantra Healed My Soul

I began unlocking emotional traumas that had crystalized in my body, and had severely inhibited my sense of self- confidence and self-worth as a woman. Doors that had previously been locked flew open, as a result of awakening to sensations of sexual bliss that are beyond description. Beyond the rational workings of my conscious mind, into the as yet untapped depth of my subconscious, that which was hidden before rose to the surface, as a result of engaging the shadow of my sexuality…consciously.

Sexual Problems in Men

Very few men will voluntarily admit that they have sexual problems and even fewer will seek medical help. Sexual problems in men are primarily as a result of a number of factors. Some causes can be treated while others can be dealt with through counseling sessions conducted by counseling experts.

Sexual Problems in Women

For most women, sex actually does get better with age up to the point when they start experiencing menopausal symptoms. Women are at their sexual peak between the ages of 35 and 45 years. However, for a number of women this is also the period within which their careers are at their peak.

Beware: Pleasure Not Pain

Sex should be a very sweet, enjoyable experience. It is thus sad, depressing and disheartening when it becomes painful for someone to have sexual intercourse.