A Different Kind of Waltz

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A Different Kind of Waltz

The advert in the Erotic Times seemed innocent enough:

’VWE /chinese/">chinese Dragon seeks English Rose for passionate and adventurous times. Genuine offers only. Reply to Box No 9987. Photo’s welcome’’

English Rose? That was me summed up in two words. Emily Feaver, thirty-three, tall, willowy and strawberry blonde. What more could any man want? I could add about my skin being pale as winter and my eyes the colour of a pale blue sky. But I don’t believe in all that poetic nonsense. Nope. Just give it to me hard and fast. No I meant hard and straight. You know what I mean, don’t you?
So after several weeks of chewing my nails and hanging around Chelsea with nothing to do, it finally came. And there he was. Anthony Chung. A wealthy, Harvard educated property developer; he had it all. Looks, money and the cutest little ass I’ve ever seen. I stroked my finger over the Polaroid of the handsome Chinese man. He resembled a more intellectual version of Bruce Lee especially with those silver wire frame glasses of his. His thin face had the most intense green eyes sitting in the middle which seemed to compliment that neatly coiffured black hair of his. He just seemed so damn perfect, right down to those brilliant-white Hollywood teeth.

But that was just it. Was there anything he wasn’t good at?

After several e-mails and long conversations later, we arranged to meet one Saturday in June. He was in London on business for a week and I said he could stay over at my place. 
As the stream of people trickled down arrivals, I looked at my Polaroid, eager to find Anthony. After a while, a tall slender Chinese man in a neat blue blazer and beige chino’s appeared. It was him but he didn’t look quite as spectacular as in the photo. His face was weary and his hair seemed a lot thinner. As he approached me he produced old waman xxxgx a feint smile and hugged me. 

’Wow. You look amazing’ he said as he eyed my flowery dress with a quick glance. We had dinner later that night at a small tapas place over on the Fulham road. Anthony was acting like a gentleman, giving me lots of attention and talking about how wonderful London was. I was just in awe and smiled a lot. I would do the talking later’

We quickly headed back to mine. I sat next him on the large leather sofa in the lounge. As he faced me with those intense green eyes, I leant forward and kissed me. My soft lips brushed with so much intensity that time and space seemed to stop. He emerged breathless. I emerged smiling.

’That was great. Why don’t we try something else?’ he said, still a little breathless.

As we entered the /master/">master bedroom, he started to kiss me furiously. It was as if /raw/">raw energy and passion was flowing through him. I had never felt anything like it. He quickly threw his suit and clothes off and ripped my cotton flowery dress off. As we rolled on the thick white quilt, I could feel his tongue in my throat as we kissed furiously and furiously. It was like charged electricity, such was the passion. 

As he sat on the bed catching his breath, I unhooked my lilac coloured bra, releasing my large milky-white breasts. My nipples were fully erect; such was the extent of my lustful thoughts. As I gazed at the growing mound in Anthony’s boxers, I laughed a little wickedly to myself. I hadn’t had desert and my stomach was rumbling.

’Lie back’ he whispered.
He removed my lilac panties and flung them on the wooden floor. But that would not be where he would focus his attention first. He started to caress my breasts slowly before licking my nipples with that lithe tongue of his. As I laid back in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, I could feel that long snake-like tongue lick back and forth. It almost seemed to hiss.
’Now it’s my turn’

As he lay back, I ran one hand through his muscular chest. His oily chest was the colour of ripened corn and it felt slightly damp and musky. The smells were so /exotic/">exotic and wonderful. I had never felt or dare I say smelt anything like it. I kissed those /nipples/small-nipples/">small nipples before moving past his belly button onto his centerpiece. I ripped off his black boxers revealing that awesome dragon of his. Taught, muscular and very large; it was all that a girl could ever want. As I held his large brown cock in my hand I stroked the large balls underneath. Although it was relatively hairless, his cock had a neat tuft of curly pubic hair at the top. I gazed hungrily at the large pink head and as I bent down, I scooped it all in my mouth. As I began to suck it, I could hear a small groan in the background. I loved it. 
Slowly but surely he started to /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. I could feel it expand and contract with every second that bokep sma pecah perawan passed. As it was doing so, I could hear him scream with pleasure. Then it happened. A flood of thick white cum coated the inside of my mouth. I let it go and my small tongue lapped up the remaining drops of cum from the now drooping cock.

’Now it’s definitely my turn’ he said with a wicked little grin on his face.

As he opened the curtains, pale moonlight flooded the bedroom. There was a light breeze outside, which was shaking the small blossom to and fro.

I closed my eyes and laid back. I could feel his thin fingers slowly spread open my pussy. It was starting to get really moist at the prospect. Then one of his long bony fingers started rubbing my clit. Almost simultaneously, another was inside of me rocking gently back and forth. As he was doing this motion, I was in so much pleasure. God it was fucking amazing. Soon, my body was rocking back and forth. As I writhed in pleasure, cum started to ooze from my pussy, coating his finger in a thick white honey. I screamed louder and louder, almost begging for him to stop.
But he didn’t.

And that’s when something strange happened. From the corner of my eye, I could see him transform. Gone was that muscular guy I once knew. Instead, there was a long green snake, hissing and sliding on my bed. It was quite thin and a green and yellow diamond pattern was etched all over his skin. The moonlight seemed to reflect its large sulphur coloured eyes, coating it in an eerie light.
It started to do the strangest thing. It entered my pussy. As it did, I could feel its long black tongue lap away at moist juices inside. It was so amazing. I was writhing once more, not in pleasure but in agony. Such was the amount of pleasure that it was giving me. As I groaned louder and louder I came all over it, coating it in a thick layer of cum.

Anthony had come back.
’Missed me, did you?’

He climbed on top and began to thrust that /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock inside of me. As he pumped away, I grinned with pleasure. As the strokes grew faster and faster, I could feel myself heading to a climax. He seemed to be heading there already and my groans were getting louder and louder once more. 

As we came together in a simultaneous cry of pleasure, I could feel him transform. Gone was Anthony.
The dragon was here’