Risky Public Maturbation

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Risky Public Maturbation

 Not too long ago I was cought masturbating to a picture of my /girlfriend/">girlfriend's room mate by my girlfriend's room mate. Ever since I have found myself wanting to be cought again. I want to be cought by one of my girlfriend's sisters or the /sister/">sister of one of my girlfriend's room mates sisters, but whenever I get into a situation where I might be cought by one I get to nervous of what my girlfriend would do when she found out and so I don't allow myself to get caught.

The other day, though, I was at a restaurant downtown and I sat at a table across from a lady and her two friends and she was wearing a short skirt that I was able to see into. She was also wearing those long white stalkings with the fancy lacing at the to, and that happens to be one of my ultimate fetishes. This, in turn, made me very horny. I started to get a massive /boner/">boner and it was very uncomfortable because my jeans didn't have a lot of room so it was kind of smashing my dick. So I decided that I had to go masturbate and I told my girlfriend that I had to use the bathroom and I'll be right back. On the way to the bathroom I heard the lady with the short skirt say that she also had to use the restroom. So just then as I was about to go into the restroom I turned around and entered the lady's room in stead. Nobody was at the sinks and only one stall was occupied so nobody new that I was a male.

I walked clear down to the last stall and walked in. I started to close the door, but as I did so I decided to leave it open. I pulled down my pants, took off my shirt and sat on the toilette. Just then the lady that sat across from me entered the room. And began walking down the isle towards me. My heart was racing and I was very nervous. I very slowly stroked my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock while trembelling with fear and excitement. I heard her getting closer and could see her in the mirror when I looked up.

She entered into a stall two over from mine. About a minute later the lady that was already in there when I entered came out of her stall and walked to the sink. She washed her hand and began to check her milf porn videos make-up in the mirror. I could see her in the reflection when I leaned a bit forward. She had copper red hair and bright blue eyes, but not many freckles. I happen to think that she was incredibly sexy.

I stood up to get a better look and began to masturbate much faster. I wasn't paying attention, but I think the two /women/">women could probably hear the sound when my wrist hit my thigh on the back-stroke. Then, she suddenly turned towards me; I was extrmely /scared/">scared that she had spotted me, and I turned back into my stall. A few second later I peeked out... she was still at the mirror. She had only turned her body in my direction and pushed up her breasts.

As I peaked out and saw her hands on her breasts I blew a huge load into some toilette paper and accidentally let out a little bit of blowjob porn videos a grunt. She looked directly at me in the mirror, and I jumped back and closed the door. There directly after I heard her footsteps. I figured she must have seen me and she's walking in my direction. I felt a little bit sick to my stomache. But, to my relief, I heard her open the door and walk out. I threw my tissue paper in the toilette and hurried out of the door before some else came in or saw me.

When I sat at the table I was still trembling a bit. But that was one of the biggest rushes I've ever had, and I really want to feel it again. I still want to be cought by one of my girlfriend's sisters, but I think that next time I will just do something like what I did at the restaurant.