My Hotel Crush

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Hotel Crush

This is story about my hard crush on the breakfast lady and Front desk clerk at my hotel.

The people are real I dont know about there names. I stayed at this hotel and a crush on them thats it. The hotel is real and the employees

I am 19 and the Black Lady 25 Front desk 23

The hotel Iam talking about is the comfort suites in North Charleston SC on Ashley phosphate Rd

I checked into the hotel with my family that night. At the front desk was /brunette/brunette-women/">brunette women, she a /athletic/">athletic looking body. Also a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass, She had highlights in her hair. The next morning I woke up and went to breakfast. Oh what a beautiful scene was in front of me. She was 54 Black, big lips, Big round ass, and /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits.

When I saw her my cock got hard. I thought to myself how can I get her to be mine. I walked up to the food. I didnt see any spoons, so I asked her for one. She gave me one and winked at me. While I was eating, I thought of a way to seduce her and the front desk lady without xxx anybody knowing. When I was heading up stairs I found the managers office which had phone numbers of employees. I found the number of the ladies, I used the managers phone and called them to let them know there was meeting tonight.

The meeting was in the Breakfast kitchen. I got there the door was open, but nobody was in there. I hid so no one could see until they came in. The front desk lady came in first, then the Breakfast beauty.

Breakfast, What is this about, Iam suppose to be fucking my boyfriend
Front desk, It was about something
Breakfast, I hope its something good

Front desk, There was guy that checked in last night. He was Hot he made wet, did you see him?
Breakfast, Oh did I He asked me for a spoon.

I Slowly closed the door behind them locking it with key I found in the office. You talking about me ladies. They turned around in shock and happiness. You happy to see me? porn videos download The Breakfast lady which name was candy and the front desk was ashley. Ashley and Candy walked toward me and started taking my cloths off. Candy unzips my pants and pulls out my cock.

Ashley Started my mouth with her tongue. Candy swallows my whole cock down her throat. Ashley knelt down and started Sucking it too. They where so nice to me. They played with the head of my penis with there tongues. I shot my cum all over there faces. They were like puppies wanting milk from there /mom/">mom. Ashley started playing with Candies pussy. Candy moaned in happiness.

Ashley stood up and laid down on the preparing table and striped down nude. Candy took my hand and led my over there. Candy sat down on Ashleys face Moving up and down. I started licking Ashleys pussy as hard as I could. Ashley and Candy moaned. Ashleys hips starting thrusting back and forth. I made her cum all over the table. I Stuck my dick in her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy .

Candy got off of Ashley made out with her bitting her lips and neck. Then she moved down to her tits sucking them like she was a baby. We made her Scream and moan so loud. Ashley fuck!. She orgasmed all over my dick. I was moving my dick in a circular motion. Candy got some milk out of tits.

Next it was Candies turn on the table. Ashley moved off the table with cum dripping out of her pussy. Candy laid down. I saw a turkey baster in the corner and grabbed it. I stuck it in pussy. Me give some chocolate baby. Ashley sat on Candies face with her dripping pussy. I rammed the turkey baster into Candies pussy, making her scream.

Candy sucked all the cum out of Ashleys Pussy. Ashley got off and started kissing Candies pussy while I fucked it. Candy Squirmed so much while we did this. The smell of sex was in the air. Ashley grabbed my cock and gave my a hand job.

That is my /fantasy/">fantasy about my hotel experience

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