Meet and Fuck Angela Part 2

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Meet and Fuck Angela Part 2

Brian has been fucking his little slut, Angela for 2 days now and he is amazed at how playful she is....but the best is about to come.

In the afternoon, he stops by at her house. Her husband is off to work again and won't be returning until 9 in the night. He unlocks her door with the key she gave him while he cummed on her pussy the last time they fucked and went inside. The house were echoing with her moans of ooooohs and ahhhhhhs. Perhaps his husband is torturing her for today, and had come home early?

Brian crept to her room and with the crack of her door, peeked inside. Angela was lying on the side of the bed, a enormous butt plug in her /asshole/">asshole, free porn movies download furiously sliding the tool in and out. She seemed to be ejaculating, screaming as her gunk flowed from asshole onto the sheets.
"Uh...uh....oh...." she yelped and with one final dig, she came, screaming and lay paralyzed on the bed. She saw him enter and grinned at him, with her unique naughty smile, her mouth full of her own gunk.

"You /dirty/dirty-slut/">dirty slut," said Brian, undoing his pants and took out his enormous drill. Angela grinned and crawled over and started to stroke his red head of his cock. Brian leaned back on the bed, and enjoyed her stroking, feeling her gunk cover his cock as she spat it on his balls. She gently slid the cock in her mouth and sucked on it, fingers slowly working its way to his balls. Brian reached over and turned her over, sitting her ass on his face. Her puckered asshole and vagina was perked, due to the daily fucking by him and her husband, ramming her ass, while spanking her ass cheeks.

Brian brought his tounge up her cunt and licked gently at the opening of her clitoris.

"Shit...Brian...that feels so good," Angela said, stifled as she sucked harder on his massive dick. Bringing his finger in her asshole, he licked her vagina hungrily as Angela went faster on his cock. Her moans were muffled as his 10 inch monster was down her throat. He licked harder, stroking her bulls eye and he could feel her flinch and the warm gunk spew from her vagina as she came. She spat out his cock and sat all the way down on his face. Saliva trilled down his balls as she screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHH! YES! OHHHHHHHH! DO ME! FUUUUUUCK!" Brian licked feircely, putting his finger in and out of her asshole and greedily drank down all her cum. Then he rolled her off him and placed her, back to him, hands on the wall.

He put his cock at the entrance of her asshole, just drilled by the fake dildo now lying unused on the floor. He reached forward and mauled her huge boobs as he kissed her, licking her tounge. She kissed back and he tasted her cum, with a mixture of his own precum. He suddenly rammed his cock all the way in her asshole and started fucking her hard and deep.

"Dirty slut," he growled between her sobs of pleasure, "......say it....tell me you're a dirty slut....shit....come on....oh...."

"FUCK ME! YESSSSSSSSSS! FUCK me like my husband can't!" she sobbed , spreading her asshole with her fingers wider for him to go in deeper. Brian drew the other finger in her vagina as he rammed her hard, growling as she screamed at the top of her lungs.
WHACK. He spanked her ass, leaving a handprint on her shining ass as he fucked her harder. "UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!Oh...yes!!!!" she yelled, clinging onto full hd xvideo download her asshole, spreading them even more wide. "YES!!!!!Brian! Do it! /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder!!!!!!!!!" He spanked her again and she sobbed with pleasure as his balls slapped against her vagina, drilling it with his finger.

His fingers dug into her firm boobs while the other tugged her hair, spanking her ass at intervals. Her asshole was deep and despite the daily torture, very tight and hot. Brian loved his dirty slut, feeling the head of his cock grinding at the deepest of her asshole. She came again, screaming, cum squirting out from both openings, drenching the blanket with her gunk. Brian slowed down and gently stroked her nipples as she sobbed with joy, her head turned back to watch her gunk flow down her ass. She turned and sucked his cock again, aware that his cock was now dirty and shining with her cum, storking it with force, tounge wrapping around its head.

She spat more saliva on it and licked its top, smiling. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head down, slamming his cock way down his throat. She sucked furiously, moaning as she stroked her own vagina from the behind. She wanted a good fucking there, tthat was for sure, but she had no idea she would be rammed by 2 cocks at once soon. He suddenly took it out and masturbated furiously and with a growl dumped his load on her face.

Stream after stream, /semen/">semen splashed on her face, a few streams in her wide opened mouth. She smiled as her nose, mouth, eyes filled with his cum and she swallowed and waited for the last cum. The last drop of semen safely down her throat, he smiled, her face drenched in his cum. That's when the front door closed with a bang and they heard a pair of footsteps walked up to the stairs...

The door opened with a swish. To be continued on Part 3..............