Fobidden weekend of nauti pleasure

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Fobidden weekend of nauti pleasure

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Several weeks ago I found out that (SF, Special Friend) Her hubby and my wife are both going to New Orleans for the same medical field business conference. I mentioned that perhaps my bride would like some personal time for those 3 days and I would stay home (the sacrifices I must make).
Now my bride and special friend‟s hubby are not unknown (biblical terms) to each other from many years ago and special friend and I are not supposed to know they may have accidentally fallen in bed on recent occasions. They, on the other hand do not let on that SF and I occasionally indulge in /fantasy/fantasy-sex/">fantasy sex of a nature "not their cup of tea’ and they are somewhat glad the kinky bull and kinky cow are grazing in another pasture..

The weekend is upon us. I suggested that SF come up with unusual ideas to whittle away the time and I would do the same . No limits other than the usual no poop, blood or scars . I am dripping with anticipation, would you like a recap of happenings next week if I survive?

The time of my becoming a weekend Geographical Bachelor is quickly drawing near. (see previous page of my blog). For those of you unfamiliar with the term Geographical Bachelor/Bacheloress (GB for short), allow me to enlighten you. Any time you or your spouse are apart and not located within 50 miles of your home you wwwxxx become ’innuba-ae donec domus-su’ (Latin for: un-married until you return home.) See also Mrs. Caesar VS Julius Caesar, Rome, who successfully defended the meaning of GB. Although the late Mrs. Caesar was deceased at time of final ruling due to losing her head. Also defended in this case was ’Kings rules do not apply to the King’

I have wandered from my point of ’anticipation’. At this late date I have noticed and question several things:
A. My bride suddenly has ’more bounce in her step’ if you understand my meaning.
B. She suddenly went shopping for ????
C. She seems somewhat lost in thought on occasion
D. ? Is she looking forward to some boring meeting or quite possibly an accidental rendezvous?
E. Is the wife tired of me?

As for myself:
A. I know I am bright eyed and bushy tailed of late
B. I bought new shorts to wear on the boat.
C. Making plans that have me very excited
D. I know for a fact I am not going to be bored for a few days.
E. Love the wife till death do us part.but just the wwwxxx want to nibble on the neighbors grass occasionally.

Inquiring minds would probably like to know, Special Friend and I have decided a couple of nights out on the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Toasting to our spouses and trying hard to fill the lonely hours eagerly awaiting their return would be in order. As all four of us meet the legal requirements of Geographical Bachelor/ Bacheloress one can only imagine the hours we will spend reciting poems. See you next week

After much anticipation the weekend had begun. Finally the cold has departed Florida although the Gulf water temperature is very cool so SF (Special Friend) and I decided a couple of days on the boat would be just the thing. I would be responsible of all play on the first day and she could devise distractions for the second day. The French say ’Le plan se trame’ (the plan is hatched).

Tearful, smiling goodbyes were said as spouses from separate cities headed to the Crescent City, land of Bourbon Street and hopefully a really good time sightseeing and accidently doing the nasty.

The Sea Ray was in the marina, fueled, stores (food, water, booze etc) onboard along with toys, videos and very few clothing items on my part. She showed up with enough baggage to make the Lewis & Clark expedition look like a sleepover.

Out of the pass into open water, our course was set for a scuba diving site called the Tarpon steamship wreck, 29 miles off the coast. The Gulf of Mexico was unusually calm as we snuggled & giggled like a couple of high school kids in dad‟s car knowing we were not supposed to be doing this. We used our entire bucket of self-control not to jump on each other as we cruised to our intended anchorage.

Arriving on site, no other boats were in the area so we were alone as the anchor was dropped. We agreed no sex until after dinner but as we shucked clothing to get our dive suits I could not help but take that gorgeous creature into my arms for a much needed kiss that went from the lips to the other lips as I listened to the moans of pleasure that was building and building to a rather noisy & wet orgasm. Several times I had to stop her hands from playing with me as I knew my orgasms were limited in numbers.

Since the water was still cool we chose dry suits for the dive, she had curves that the suit only accented, I had a problem with /boy/big-boy/">big boy and the heavy rubber suit not being immediately compatible but eventually over the side we went. Top of the ship is 67 feet depth from the surface and the bottom is at 81feet. My friend was trying to find a grouper or red snapper for dinner as I went to my secret place on the bottom to find lobsters. She shot a beautiful gag grouper and I found two lobsters. We placed both in the net and secured to the anchor line well below the surface. Once on the boat, I checked the area thoroughly for the marine patrol and coast guard by looking through binoculars as they will sit far way and watch for out of season catches.

With our catch safely secured we played in the water until we were hungry. The grouper was filleted and released (fisherman‟s joke) then placed on the grill along with the lobster tails. (hint: always keep undated receipt for fish, lobsters etc on boat just in case you are boarded and checked by the grouper troopers)

She fixed salad and veggies in the galley as a bottle of expensive wine was opened. Oh, we had not bothered with clothing with the exception of a very thin see-through sarong around her waist.
I had soft music playing as we sat down to enjoy the very freshest of seafood, vegies and a Greek salad . Those beautiful breasts were bouncing at all of my stupid jokes as we ate, the world as we know it is absolutely wonderful.

After eating we cuddled on the deck enjoying the wine, wind, salt air and each other‟s forbidden kisses. I could not help but wonder if the bride and her hubby were engaged in the same forbidden fruit enjoyment, actually I am sure they are.

I was so Horney I was having a hard time thinking about anything else. She came to my rescue by placing kisses on my hard as a rock dick. The teasing had to stop so I picked her up and went to the aft lounge seat were I placed her over my face so I could enjoy the salty taste of her treasures as she licked and sucked at me, repeatedly edging me to a climax but then letting me settle some to hold off. Her legs were on each side of my head as I licked & toyed with her lips and letting my nose rub between her legs then my tongue would slide as deep inside her as I could manage. Several times she would tense and push down hard wanting me to finish her but I would back off savoring the juices as I moved to her rosebud. This would cause her to shift her concentration to another orifice as my ministrations were bringing her closer and closer to that magic moment. When I could not hold back any longer, big boy shot several times in a most fantastic orgasm. Without a word she kept her mouth over my sensitive dick with just the right amount of contact.

I concentrated on trying to bring her to a cosmic orgasm by slipping a finger into her aft rosebud and licking from bottom to top of her pussy and flicking her clit each time. Suddenly she sat up and pushed down on my face as I tongued her clit in hard, fast, short, strokes. My reward was a gusher of an orgasm that lasted until I was almost blue, needing air, dripping with love juice and I was forced to lift her up as she continued to tremble though the final throws of her cum. As she laid back down still facing away from me in a 69 position but we were both too spent to move, I just snuggled her rump and smelled the aroma of hot, hot satisfied pussy. Big Boy has succumbed to being just limp as she placed her head on top and purred like a kitten.

Blue light flashing, siren sound ,,,???? this can‟t be, we are 29 miles from civilization but no, it was real. She jumped up and ran down in the cabin to put on a bikini, I just grabbed a towel as the Coast Guard boat came along side and announced a safety inspection. This was one of the smaller boats that was used for drugs interdiction with a 5 or 6 man crew. I could see from their faces they had watched us through binoculars at what we were doing. Wish I had known we were putting on a show, may have made it even better.

We were boarded by two of the young crew that was having difficulty keeping a straight face. The driver of the CG boat asked if we had caught the fish and lobster he saw on the table? I said no it was from the seafood house in town and I may have the receipt downstairs. He snickered and said OK. Papers were checked, registration confirmed, safety inspection completed. As the crew was untying their boat I mentioned we might be doing it again. That got me some pretty funny looks as they pulled away and an elbow in the ribs from her.

Forecast was for winds to increase so we pulled up the anchor and headed for the bay and a very secluded inlet we have been known to frequent.

Air was getting cool so we put on our robes for the ride back to the coast. What a great feeling. At the inlet, anchor down, White Russians to drink on the deck watching the sun fall into the sea, and fooling around like /bad/">bad kids. It is still ’my day’ I suggested we see what was downstairs.

Once we were in the cabin, I as Dr. feelgood in my white DR. coat (and nothing else on) emerged from the head (bathroom for you land lubbers.) ’Good evening Mrs Jones, I understand you are having problems with obtaining satisfactory orgasms. Well, lets take a look’ Dr. FG Performed the usual BP, heart rate, tongue depressor, and ears exam. ’Please recline on the table and roll on your right side so I can take your temperature, I always do this rectally for a more precise reading.’ KY from the fridge as I slipped a cold gloved finger inside her rosebud before inserting the large & cold candy thermometer deep inside.

Following that Dr.FG had his patient sit back up for a very through /exam/breast-exam/">breast exam, with the usual questions, ’do you perform regular self-exams, does your husband help?’
’Now Mrs. Jones lets have you slide up on the table, bring your legs up, feet down and just let your knees fall open.’ Dr. FG then began explaining the next steps. Following a detailed examination of her lower lips, Dr. FG removed a Graves Speculum from the fridge, The look on her face was priceless as she realized the device would be very cold. As the good Dr. inserted the speculum, Mrs. Jones could not help but wiggle at such an unexpected intrusion and was dmonished to remain still. The paddles were opened wide exposing her most intimate parts. Dr. FG began digitally palpating the interior, upper and lower regions, allowing her to watch in the hand mirror as he shined a pen light and was obviously creating a large amount of wetness as the cervix came into view.

Finally as the speculum was slowly removed and her /pussy/wet-pussy/beautiful-wet-pussy/">beautiful wet pussy was wiped clean as the Dr. explained he usually performed a ’Oral’ exam at this point. The Dr. completed his detailed oral exam and explained he could not find any reason for her problem but was unhappy with the way his patient was moving all around during his exam. He began tying ropes around her wrists for the remainder of the procedure, would you believe he found some eyelets concealed just below the mattress at head and foot of the bed er exam table, who would have thought! Well the craft IS named ’Nauti ******’ (Now if you think you know who I am, PLEASE don‟t tell everyone in town.)

A Blind fold was slipped over her eyes as kisses went up and down her body. Dr. FG explained that this unorthodox procedure would test her ability to perceive real and fantasy stimulation of certain areas of her body, toward the goal of achieving multiple orgasms.

The E-sim box magically appeared as pads were placed on both sides of her shaved pussy & connected to Chanel A, a vaginal insert and then an anal trode for channel b. Then the Mp3 file began a slow rhythmic up & down, sensation first on the front then a slight clutching of the anal muscles. I finished attaching soft ropes to her ankles and spreading them apart.

The moaning along with the shiny glistening of wetness was a good indication of her relaxing to the slight waves of pleasure. Soft music on, accompanied by a warm oil massage as the stim box did its thing. The feeling of massaging a beautiful woman that has totally relaxed in blindfolded darkness is truly heaven on earth, the fact that society says we shouldn‟t be doing this only added to the flavor. (Once in a blue moon the wife would slow down to enjoy being slowly massaged.)

As candle light flickered around us, I leaned over to quietly suck a nipple into my lips, I think we both moaned in delight as I would go from one breast to the other as she arched her back in pleasure. Nipples were now hard and very pink as I switched the box to a faster building and falling program. Moisture was becoming more & more evident as I eased a clit loop around her special spot in anticipation of switching from one of the pads directly to her clit. I thought she was going to climax when I touched her.

More massages from her feet to her hips with the warm oil, Oh what is this divine creature doing with someone like me? I ease the intensity down slightly as I would like this to last at least an hour or even two. Big Boy is definitely awake and throbbing as I think, this is not your time stud, it is hers.

I place a kiss on her lips, then whispered, asking a single word question ’good?’ ’Immmmm’, was all the answer I got. I reach under her hips to squeeze each cheek and feel her respond by slightly lifting, offering herself to my hands. I feel the muscles involuntarily clinching the electrode in her butt making it suck in and out with the program.

After several different programs of stim files, I upped the action by switching to the clit electrode. She arched her back and let out a squeal of delight at the sudden unannounced attack on her special place as I turn down the intensity only slightly. At about the same time I bring on stronger pulses to the anal trode causing the anal muscles to clinch and relax involuntarily stroking down there. I watched the vaginal insert pulse in and out bringing her closer to the finish. Her breathing is rapid as she is wiggling to all the stimulus that is running up and down her body.

When I think we both have had big dollop and she must be ready to kill me, I switch to a program that causes the pussy muscles to spasm like kegel exercises. Now she is pulling hard at the ropes and writhing in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as her vagina is sending orgasmic signals to her brain without any actual hands touching her, just the imaginary images behind her blindfold ( Is it Brad Pitt, some other hunk or maybe just me?) The vaginal insert continues to pulse in and out. Her clit is suddenly hit with a feeling of the worlds fastest tongue licking and sucking. All of these alternating feelings are slowly being combined into a climax of earthquake proportions, obvious by the scream of total surrender followed by whimpering.

Quickly I bring down the intensity and slow the rhythm to a cool down pace as I watch her body glisten in the candlelight. She continues to wiggle and pull at the ropes but the safe word has not been uttered as I massage her breasts, tummy, and legs giving encouragement for her to try and relax but I know even as the box is turned off the afterglow buzz will continue long after. It must have been another 35 minutes before she realized the ropes were off and she removed the blindfold as I held her close. The slow rocking of the boat, and the slapping of the waves was the only thing that brought us back to /reality/">reality. Dr. Feelgood told his patient she needed repeated treatments as often as possible.

We laughed as we tried to climb from the wet sheets. I did not realize that I had cum in the process and things were very sticky. We managed to get to the head for a shower before climbing back on deck to relax and watch the stars. I tried to touch her pussy but he jumped saying it was still buzzing and too sensitive.