American Soldier

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American Soldier

(To avoid any confusion I am a bisexual woman. please let me know what you think )

It was a hot day and me and my friends were sitting with a bottle of wine beside the river, I had recently broken up with my so I just wanted to chill.

Two bottles of wine later we were quite tipsy and as two of my friends started to argue I decided I would go in search of better company. I saw two guys sitting drinking some beers so I went over to chat to them. One of them, we'll call him J had a body, he was bout 6'2 with a shaved head and a cheeky grin. We chatted for a while but all I could think about was how much I wanted his strong arms holding my hips as he thrust himself into me. I was surprised by how much I wanted him after being with a woman for so long. After some diversions in the night, he said that he had no where to stay so I said I'd help him find a hotel.

We got to the hotel, he thanked me profusely and I started to think that my ren-de-vous might not happen. He asked me if I'd like a drink and flashed that cheeky smile as he led me to his room. He opened the door for me and I walked in.

The door had hardly closed before he caught me under my ass and started kissing me hard on the mouth. I could feel my panties soaking as I wrapped my legs around his waist. We real forced anal against her will hit hard against the wall and my breath was nearly knocked out of me, but it felt delicious. One arm held me as the other pulled at my shirt, I nearly ripped it off as my tongue massaged his. He threw me back onto the bed and took off my jeans. I rolled my head in anticipation of him. He knelt down and started to kiss my hip and pubic bone, teasing me with little nips until he reached my stomach, teasingly breathed over my breasts and kissed my neck. The weight of his big strong body on top of me felt so good. I felt his rock through his jeans and it was too much.

I climbed up and off the bed, the look of worry in his eyes was nearly comical. I leaned down and began to unzip him, his cock popped out of his boxers, glistening with pre-cum. I pulled his jeans off and dropped to my knees. I took his cock in my hands and licked the head, I looked up and smiled as I licked the length of his shaft. With every lick I wanted him inside me more, stretching my , giving me what I hadn't had in over two years. I reached his head again and took it a little in my mouth, as I felt him thrust his cock farther into my mouth, I pulled him out and licked his shaft again. Down to his balls, hearing him moan as I took them in my mouth.

As I saw him stiffen more I licked again up the shaft as I pumped his cock a little with my hand. After a few sloppy kisses at his head, I took him into my mouth. The groan was somewhere between relief and as I took him deeper. He thrust farther into my throat and I took as much of him as I could until he pulls out and shoots all over my big pert breasts. I milk him until he lays his head back on the bed.

I come and join him. He opens his eyes and smiles. I crawl on top of him. Kissing his mouth, ears and neck. My breathing grows heavier as I feel him start to stiffen again underneath me. He catches me around the waist as he rolls me onto my back. He starts to passionately kiss my neck and collarbone. My body aches for him, he can feel me squirming underneath him. He kisses lower down my breast to my nipple and kisses, then tentatively licks it, 'harder' I breath as he takes my nipple in his mouth and begins to suck, a huge moan escapes me and he sucks harder. I feel like I'm going to burst.

I grab his cock and pull my panties aside, I let his head part my lips and run up and down, lingering on my clit as he continues so lick and suck my breasts. He quickly thrusts a little farther into me and a sharp moan escapes me. He looks up at me and smiles, thrusting farther into me. A louder scream as he groans and straightens up, xnxxv sunny leone video pulling my hips farther down to him. He thrusts himself all the way into me and I have to bite my lip so we won't get thrown out for my screaming. He bangs me, getting faster and harder. My breasts bobbing I look up at him and tell him to 'Fuck me'. He pulls out and pulls me towards him.

I get up and stand close enough for his cock to stick into my stomach. He turns me around and I dutifully bend over resting one knee on the bed. As soon as he enters me I feel a fresh surge of juices run down his cock. He gives my ass a slight tap as he pulls nearly all the way out, then jams himself back into me. I get a harder slap. I'm screaming in ecstasy as he grabs my hair and tugs gently on it. I start to moan deeper and faster in rhythm with his thrust. His grunts get louder as he grabs my hips, I try to warn him but my arms buckle as I the convulsions wash over me. I feel him cum inside me as my muscles tighten around him.

Worn out, we both fall on the bed and he pulls me to his chest as we fall asleep.

I awake in the morning, and hear the shower. I smile as the memories of last night come back to me, throw his tank top on and walk to the window for a cigarette.