2nd Sexual Liaison with Study Mama

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2nd Sexual Liaison with Study Mama

*** Part 2 of sexual liaison with study mama.

I returned from overseas and felt a powerful drive to look for the study mama. I called her to book her service but this time, I wanted her to come over to my office at 10pm which she delightfully agreed.

she arrived after work and was quite shy and timid. I already prepared the massage bed which I had one in my office. she dutifully spread the towels and prepared the oil. I switched off all lights and removed my shirt and pants to bare naked.

she started the usual massage routine with the stroking of my back, shoulders. after some 10 mins, she worked on my buttock bones. soon, her fingers found their way to the inner thights and commenced her expert rubbing/stroking of that parts causing arousal. I sexxxx video ful hd shifted my body to allow better access of her fingers towards my balls and groin area. again there was complete silence and she had little interest for any small talk unlike many other masseaus. I like it.

she was quick to arouse my /erection/">erection and this time, she became alot more proactive. she flipped me over and continued to stroke me all all sexually sensitve parts. I could only moan. in the darkness, I could sense her loneliness again. I sat up, pulled her nearer to me to undress her. I sucked her nipples gently and slowly while the other hand fondled her other breast. soon, I moved my hand to her vagina and started rubbing. she was already wet. I slide two fingers in and she widens her legs slightly. without saying a word, I stood up and lifted her up and lay her on the bed. she was surprised but didnt dare to resist.

i stared at her eyes and could feel her emptiness xxx sex video download free com and loneliness. I kissed her lips, ears, neck, and moved down to her breasts. while licking her, I finger fuck her with three fingers and she was moaning softly. she was greatly aroused by both sucking and fingering. I quietly moved my cock and rub against her inner thighs.

she was enjoying and moaning and didnt expect my cock to swiftly penetrate her. suddenly she realised it and started to resist. she said "no, no" and pushed me away weakly. her action was betraying her words as she is not sure what to do. I pressed her hands down and whispered to her to be quiet and just said "lets enjoy this". I quickly my fucking. she tried not to respond sexually for a while. I was very determined to light her fire. I continue to fuck her and licked her nipples concurrently. I further used my hand to squeeze her thighs, buttock and breasts. the triple effects sustained for a while and very soon her body responded. her vagina now accepts the fucking and she moved in tandem to enjoy the sex. she was still maintaining her silence and only soft moans can be heard. she was so gentle and I just wanted to give her tender loving care in sex. she wrapped her legs tighter as the fucking intensified.

suddenly she asked me if I had a condom which I flatly said no. she tried to ask me not to shoot inside but I ignored her plea and continue to fuck her hot and intense. she was unable to free herself physically as she was mentally unsure what she want. I just repeat, lets enjoy lets enjoy. I kissed and kissed her so that she had no chance for any verbal protest. she didnt had any opportunity at all to do anything to protect herself. I pushed deep in and without warning her I exploded loads of sperm inside her. she wasnt even sure of anything. after the kissing she asked me shyly dont shoot. I then told her its really ok and said I think I have already shot. she said oh no oh no repeatedly. I assure her the pleasure is worth it and she wanted to get up. I refused and continue to fuck her even when I was spent. the sperm made her vagina very smooth and lubricated. she resisted physically with little meaning. she was struggling to enjoy.

finally she experienced organism when she was squeezing my back tightly. we didnt talk much and slept for a while. at 3am, she woke up to clean herself. she then lamented that she might get /pregnant/">pregnant as it was her fertile period. I joked that since she abstained from sex for at least 1.5 year without hubby, the fertility will be reduced. I asked her to contact me if she is pregnant. she was worried and kept assuring her dont worry. I reminded her that she is a woman and a woman needs /love/love-sex/love-and-sex/">love and sex and its perfectly normal for her to have sex. she admitted it is wrong and she would be ashamed. I counselled her that she would be in great suffering without /good/good-sex/">good sex. finally, she admitted she did enjoyed being with me and I can make her feel sexually excited. she said we must use condom next time. I told her she will not enjoy with the condom. I told her I will pull out before /ejaculation/">ejaculation and will ensure not making her pregnant. she then agreed that then we can continue the sexual liaison.

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