My day at the theatre

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My day at the theatre

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I want to start out telling u Im 22 years old. My name is jim im 5"9 brown hair brown eyes /athletic/">athletic build. I work at a theatre i enjoy my job because of all the /gorgeous/">gorgeous girls that come thru the theatre and work there. This time i going to tell u about happened about 2 weeks ago at work. one of my co-workers name is heather shes the cutest little blong u wouls ever see included she wore glasses she stands about 4"5 and has id say 36c tits.

Now getting back to the story about 2 weeks ago i was working as an usher and cleaning theatres. It was only me and Heather working on the theatres. But we had no customers for about 7 hours that night so we were just sitting in the back talking. We still went into the theatres to clean them but we ended up talking. Then when we were about to leave she bent over and her pants tore dead center in the crotch.I was standing right behind her and got a full on gglimpse of her bald 16 year old pussy.

It was beautiful and it kinda shimmered like when a girl about to have sex is shining with her juices. She looked back at me and was embarassed as hell. But she never stood up stright she just stood there bent over showing me her pussy. I sat down behind her and started nibbling her pussy lips. This made her jump but then she started pushing back against my face burying my nose up inside of her.

she started convulsing in her white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie first orgasm and fell down and rolled onto her back pulling her shirt up over her head and off. then off came her pants showing me her full nude body all in an orgasmic bliss. Her body was still convulsing and her pussy was flooding juices out of it all over the ground. I took at my cock and shoved it slowly into her pussy and hit what felt like her hymen and shoved past it to find out it was exactly like i thought it was. her pussy started gripping my cock like a silk glove. all the while her pussy bleeding and cumming around my cock. She held onto me thru her second orgasm of the night we got dressed cleaned the theatre and left the whole night we stayed right beside each other. after we got off workI told her id give her a ride home she said ok. We got into my car and started towards her house. about halfway there heather in the passenger seat of my car had pulled her pants down and was playing with herself. It was getting hard for me to pay attention to the road and she asked if wewerent close to my house I said yes we were so she called her friend told her if her mom called to tell her that she was over there but asleep. Then heather called her mom and siad she was spendingthe night at a friends house.

She /hung/">hung up and said go to my house. We pulled into my garage about 10mins later and as soon as we got into my house i noticed she just carried her clothes into my house and was still pantless. her lower body still nude.I stood there staring at her my dick growing in my pants. she sat there looking at the bulge in my pants and went down to her knees got my pants off and grabbed my cock from my boxers at the sametime had my boxers at my ankles. She then raised her shirt up over her head. Showing her beautiful tits to me again andI sucked on them this time. then slid down her body and buried my face inside of her. She started convulsing harder this time then the first as her body was convulsing i shoved my cock inside of her nuts eep in one stroke. She was still cumming when i started drilling her pussy. The whole time she was screaming lud enuff for the whole neighborhood to hear her scream FUCKKKK MYYYYY SIXXXXTEEEENNNNN YEEAAARRR OLLLDDDDD PUSSSYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD FUCKING YES!!!!!!!. She was screaming so loud my ears were popping. I was slamming her at freshly broken pussy at full speed and full depth but this freshly turned woman was a nymph and was ordering me to stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv slam my huge manhod inside of her at full strength.

Finally she started cumming again pumping about 3 pints of girl-cum out around my cock. which set me over the edge. I shot my load deep inside of her and i fell on top of her and rolled over onto my side my limpening cock softing inside of her. AsI held her tiny frame in my arms we fell to sleep. She took a week off work when she came back to work after that week she pulled me into a closet gave me a kiss handed me a piece of paper. and left the closetI opened the paper and it was from a lawyer that said if I didnt marry heather whom i had made /pregnant/">pregnant thatI would be sued by her parents and thrown in /jail/">jail. I couldnt think of anything worse then jail soI married her and have never been happier i have a pussy that was broken and fucked by only my cock so its perfect size for my cock and it still to this day feels like silk.